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Creative Inspire T7900 7.1 Speaker system

Price : 6,990/-

Specifications: 8 Watts RMS per channel (6 channels) 20 Watts RMS centre speaker 24 Watts RMS subwoofer...[more]

Creative Inspire 2.1 2500 Speakers

Price : 1,699/-

6 Watts RMS per satellite speaker; 17 Watts RMS subwoofer Incredible clarity in music with smooth integration of vocals and instruments A perfectly...[more]

Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 Speakers

Price : 2,399/-

* Four-channel amplified speaker system that delivers realistic 3D Positional Audio on EAX and Microsoft DirectSound 3D supported games * Heavily reinforced,...[more]

Creative Inspire 5.1 5200 Speakers

Price : 3,500/-

* 6 Watts RMS per satellite speaker /17 Watts RMS subwoofer * Front center satellite speaker for mind-blowing action in DirectSound® 3D games with a Sound...[more]

Creative Inspire 5.1 T6060

Price : 4,200/-

Product Description Creative Inspire T6060 - PC multimedia home theatre speaker system Product Type...[more]

Creative Inspire 6.1 6600

Price : 5,290/-

Number of Speakers: 6 satellites (for front, center, rear and rear center) 1 Creative subwoofer...[more]

Creative SBS 245

Price : 500/-

Feature Description
Speakers Power: 2 watts RMS/channel (2 channels)
Frequency Response: 90Hz ~ 20kHz

Creative SBS 580

Price : 3,100/-


Creative SBS 580 is your window to new dimensions of aural excitement. Boasting five satellite speakers and one subwoofer, Creative SBS 580 allows you to take that important leap from paltry stereo to multichannel surround sound at a price that fits your budget. The dedicated center channel vastly improves dialog articulation and the rear satellite speakers envelope you in rich audio environments that simply aren't possible with stereo speakers. The powerful 16 Watt RMS wood subwoofer completes the impressive sonic picture delivering dynamic bass. Imbue your desktop audio experience with new life from Creative SBS 580.