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Xbox Series X

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Xbox Series X

  • Introducing Xbox series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles—all games look and play best on Xbox series X
  • Experience next-gen speed and performance with the Xbox velocity architecture, powered by a custom SSD and integrated software
  • Xbox game Pass ultimate includes over 100 high-quality games, online multiplayer, and an EA play membership for one low monthly price (membership sold separately)
  • Xbox Smart delivery ensures you play the best available version of your game no matter which console you’re playing on
  • Unit Count: 1; Hardware Platform: Xbox One; Unit Count Type: Count; Color Name: Black

7 reviews for Xbox Series X

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  1. Guruprasad T.

    I’ve been a PS only player since last 3 of my purchases of previous PS generations, until I got Xbox X, my any xbox ever. In this generation consoles, i switched to Xbox, and I’m so impressed by all comparisons – form, functionality, features, controller, yes this feels so handy, ergonomic and tireless, and good to hold.
    And the customer friendliness of the service and ease of connect (as compared to my previous experiences which were not particularly pleasant).
    Above all, the game pass kills it completely. Already played so many day 1 AAA games and a lot more. Hands and head are so full of A+ games available like I never saw before. And so much of the Xbx line-up is co-op multiplayer and I love to play with friends.
    Some of my friends who own PS5 also bought this one and they’re loving it too.

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  2. Timus

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     Built for gaming, better than any PC in this price, no hassle of playing games like on pc, just download and play. if you are interested in this then it’s the best xbox you can buy.

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  3. Joseph

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     Review coming from a long time playstation and xbox fan. Just got the notification that my order is shipped. Now let’s dive in the preview not review (will update once I receive)

    Why you should choose xbox over ps5 this generation. For starters, this console packs more power than ps5 and is also minimal compared to ps5. Next, value for money, game pass is the best deal in gaming, with prices of games jumping to $70, you will find xbox gamepass very attractive since all first party titles will be available day one when they are released, so basically playing for free. Now about exclusives, currently xbox has no exclusive which uses its 12teraflops of raw power, but with Microsoft buying bethesda, they have a very bright future as far as exclusives go, you see that in 2021. Next storage, xbox comes with 1TB NVMe ssd where ps5 comes with 825GB which we can admit is not enough. Plus every YouTube professionals claim xbox’s ssd is faster (check gamespot’s comparison). Now the controller, this is where ps5 has the edge, the dual sense is way more advance than xbox’s controller, but dual sense uses lithium ion which degrades over time whereas xbox’s controller uses AA which i prefer. You can also purchase a play n charge kit if you prefer. The biggest advantages of xbox are backwards compatibility, auto hdr, and support for dolby atmos and vision for games which ps5 does not. Quick resume feature is gonna attract you the most. Overall, both ps5 and Xbox series x have pros and cons, but this generation Xbox brings it home with more power, and more gamer friendly approach. You dont wanna buy the ps5 to play just one game( spider man- MM) where as with xbox you get 1000s of games. Also with gamepass ultimate you can play all game pass titles on your android devices anywhere. Conclusion: xbox is more future proof as compared to ps5 which wont be coming to India anytime soon i think. But no matter where you choose to play, hope you have an awesome time. Will share first impressions as soon as i get the delivery. Happy gaming till then 💪🏼

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  4. CeeJay

    To put it simply, Xbox Series X is the best thing to happen to the gaming community in a long time. Microsoft is back in full swing and brings the best hardware you can find for Sub-50K INR this generation. Detailed review below:

    The hardware is very refined, and whisper quiet while also being the most powerful gaming console, The fan is inaudible even when playing games for a few hours nonstop, The black monolith design blends well with my entertainment cabinet.

    One of the things I love about the Series X is how good the games play and look, and on many occasions the enhancements on older gen games are simply amazing with most games having up to native 4K support and some next gen games also support 4K/120 with a HDMI 2.1 if your TV supports it.

    On the Series X you get 1 TB of blazing fast internal SSD storage, out of which about 802 GB is usable. Plenty for a good number of games (Average games size ranges from 40-90 GB for most new games). You can also attach any USB hard drive you already have to store and play last gen games from, so storage space won’t an issue for most.

    Another thing that must be mentioned is ‘Quick Resume’ feature because of the SSD, that lets you swap between games in about 10-15 seconds as opposed to couple of minutes on the older consoles, this makes it feel like a true next gen experience.

    Gamepass Ultimate:
    The thing that keeps me coming back to my Xbox however is ‘GamePass’ and the sheer number of games that I can freely play and experience without having to spend thousands of rupees, It has essentially changed my gaming habits and opened up many new genres in games which I had previously not explored due to time/financial constraints. If you have a PC then you can also play GamePass titles on it with the same subscription.

    If you are new to Xbox then you can basically get 3 years (Max 36 Months) of Xbox Live gold for around 6K then upgrade to GPU for free, as mentioned by some fellow reviewers in detail.

    Verdict and options:
    All of my friends and family members who had the chance to play on my Series X have lauded its lightning fast speed and simplicity, and for someone who is not a hardcore gamer or play games on a monitor/1080p TV, it is better to go for a Xbox Series S at lower price with and get essentially the same experience.

    But if you have a 4K TV (even better if it supports HDMI 2.1) do yourself a favor and go for the Series X, you will be surprised with how far we have come with graphics and speed on home gaming console.

    To conclude this looong review, I would like to thank team Xbox as well as and everyone who has worked hard to bring the Series consoles to India, and I look forward to the many great experiences and games that I gladly await to experience on my Series X over the years!

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  5. Faizi

    best graphics I’ve ever seen on a console.

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  6. om prakash sharma

    Good Console, very powerful

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  7. CeeJay

    After a lot of research, I went with Xbox X and it’s really a great purchase. Everything just works and the game collection will take a life time to cycle through.
    Console is small and does not occupy much apace. 4k is really good and some games standout in terms of Graphics experience.

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